SASA is committed to a democratic South Africa,

where all enjoy economic, political and social justice
and freedom from all forms of discrimination on the basis of religion, nationality, race and gender.

Changes & Challenges


Committed to the development of a vibrant social science community in Southern Africa.




On this website the following statement can be found: “The Association is committed to the development of a vibrant social science community in Southern Africa which can make a meaningful contribution to the analysis of society in the context of these changes and challenges, with the aim of developing a just and equitable society.”


As the council, we know that it is impossible to realise this vision of a “vibrant social science community” without focusing on that idea of community. One of the ways we have decided to focus on this notion is by shining a light on what is already happening in the sociological and broader social science community in South (and southern) Africa.


One possible way to do this will be to use the SASA name and platform to promote activities that our members find relevant and important such as seminars, conferences, book launches and/or other events so that it could reach a greater audience (whether online or not). More specifically, we intend to dedicate a page on the SASA website and/or social media presence to promote these events.


It is our intention that by doing this SASA could contribute to the development of that envisioned “vibrant social science community” by promoting relevant social science events and scholarship.


Please send your announcements and notices to our Webmaster Mr Percyval Bayane This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or ask him or any member of our Executive Committee for further details of this facility.