SASA is committed to a democratic South Africa,

where all enjoy economic, political and social justice
and freedom from all forms of discrimination on the basis of religion, nationality, race and gender.

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Press statement from the South African Sociological Association on the current situation in the country

Dear South African Sociological Association Members and Community,

The South African Sociological Association watched with dismay the events unfolding in the

country over the last week. As an organisation, we deplore all acts of violence, looting and

social disorder. We urge all citizens to please be law abiding. As an organisation of people

who focus on the study of society, with a view towards improving it, we know that outbursts

of the nature we have witnessed in the last week are not spontaneous explosions. They are

the offspring of repressed frustrations, economic pains and social inequality. Therefore, as

we urge lawfulness on the side of the citizens, we plead with the government not to allow

a good crisis to go to waste.

The government has a moral obligation to use this crisis to speak to the underlying frustrations

of the people. Mere deployment of power to quell the looting is only a band aid. Concerted

effort must be made to use this crisis as a springboard for revitalising social engagement, as

well as ensuring that adequate care and support is provided for all. We have heard a lot of

calls for things to return to normal. That will be a very bad idea. Normal is the continuation

of the poverty, unemployment and inequality that wrecks the lives of millions and millions,

destroying hope, trust, and the future of our youth, country and continent. The time has

come for government, capital and civil society to have the difficult conversations that need

to be had. It is time to move away from the untenable direction the country is heading towards.

Warm regards, 

SASA Exec and Council